Georges Basketball Camp - George Shannon bad basketball camp

Pawling, New York 1 comment
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Georges basketball camp is mabey one of the worst institutions ive ever had my son attened in my son is 6 years old and he can dribble through his legs.He is out of Portland, Maine and its just horibble.

I think it is just a scam because it is horrible. He is not even strong enough to hit a 3, and talk about defense. He lets 15 year old show him up because it is like he is nailed to the floor.

on his fast break game, he dribbles and runs like their is a stick up his butt, talk about out of shape.I want my $300 back ***



dont be a *** like *** yall blow up this news feed complaining bout yall problems i suggest for yall to get those problems fixed asap

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